Citywide movement

City-Wide Movement

Our Vision: To catalyze leaders to spiritually and socially impact their cities to make eternal impact for generations.

Our Mission: Unite leaders for transformation in order to impact generations.

Our Values:

  • Uniting in Prayer – foundation of gospel movements
  • Rigorous Research – informed church can rally around challenges and what we can accomplish together
  • Unified Leadership – training existing leadership and cultivating millennial leadership in the church, business and NFP
  • Collaboration – convening diverse leaders to work together
  • Based in the Gospel – social flourishing of the city is based on the spiritual renewal of the city




Citywide movement

We Take Pride in Our Community!

Here in the “city of churches,” we take pride in our community. But, despite unprecedented growth and prosperity, many of our neighbors are still struggling.



Through our GLS & Beyond Board of Directors came a real stirring that God was at work in us to change our community. We decided to come together once a month to ask God what He is doing in Fort Wayne and where we fit; what is He calling us to do? What can all of us do together — not just alone — but together as leaders in the church, education, non-profit, government, and corporate worlds to reach every man, woman, and child with the Gospel of Christ — to change a community!

Enjoy the history of GLS & Beyond City Movement with Mike Packnett

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We are committed to envision and empower God’s people to own and reduce the brokenness of every person in our community (where they live, work, learn, and play)

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We seek to become more like Jesus, loving God and loving our neighbors, living out the gospel, and restoring individuals for the greater good of our community

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We believe that when God’s people work together within churches, businesses, nonprofits, governments, and educational institutions, our city wins

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We are working to grow and nurture believers of Jesus who will boldly proclaim the good news of the gospel and multiply the church for many generations to come

Join the Movement!

Limited in-person seating is available as we come together and pray for our community. Pre-registration is required and capped at 100 attendees. We meet from 7–8AM at Pathway Community Church at 1010 Carroll Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46845. Please email Lori Whitman,, to reserve your seat for the next prayer time.

Additionally, we are offering prayer time virtually via our   FACEBOOK OR YOUTUBE channel.

• Tuesday, February 9
• Tuesday, March 9
• Tuesday, May 11
• Wednesday, June 2
• Thursday, July 15

• Tuesday, August 17
• Tuesday, September 21
• Friday, October 8
• Tuesday, November 2
• Wednesday, December 1

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